Conservation of old Japanese style paintings and scripts

Art works can be enjoyed for a long time if damages such as stains and creases are repaired properly. We also deal with re-framing pictures for design change. Your precious works will come back alive.


Paintings and scripts start wearing out as soon as they are produced by being exposed to the air. Especially in Japan, the conditions are not ideal for paintings made on materials such as paper or silk, since the humidity is high and the temperature fluctuates a lot. At Sukiwa Corporation, we select suitable framing and mounting in order to preserve these paintings in the best condition. It is also important to be cautious of how you handle the paintings, and to pay attention to where you store them. In such environment and weather, you will need to repair the painting once every few decades, but we recommend you to repair the work before the damage gets too serious.




About storage of scroll-hangings

Even the scroll-hangings which are meant to protect the paintings can damage the art work if you do not handle it with care. People also seem hesitant to use scroll-hangings because they are not sure how to handle them. However, the conditions can be maintained with just a little caution. Try and understand the qualities of scroll-hangings in order to enjoy such paintings. By storing and handling in the right way, you can enjoy these scroll-hangings for a long time.

1) Avoid humid places

Japan is famous for its humidity, but this is the worst enemy for hangings. Put it in the box, and store it in a place with good ventilation. When storing it in a building constructed with pipes and cements such as apartments, make sure to choose a dry place. For example, on top of a chest may be better than in a closet where it can get very humid.

2) Drying is important

Choose an appropriate place for storage to avoid humidity. It is important to take it out once in a while and expose it to fresh air. Exposing it to fresh air at least once or twice a year on a dry sunny day (spring or autumn) can help to keep it dry.

3) Also avoid dry places

On the contrary, avoid exposing it directly to heaters or air conditioners or leaving it out in a dry place for too long. It is also sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, so avoid direct sunlight.

4) Do not have it out all the time

If you leave the painting hanging for too long, such as over half a year, it may cause stains, sun burn or curving. Bring it down at least every season.

5) Do not tie it too strongly

When handling hangings, make sure you have clean hands and not to hold it too tightly. When storing, place a paper under the string and roll it up loosely.


If you follow these instructions, scroll-hangings are easy to handle and it is efficient for storing. Do not become too nervous about it, and just enjoy the hangings each season in different spaces. As long as you store and display it moderately they will remain in a perfectly good condition.