About Sukiwa

I have worked with many types of fabric for picture mounts, from the high-end hand made “Kinran Donsu”, to the more affordable mixed-fiber fabric (for example, a mix of synthetic fiber and cotton). With this background, I established Sukiwa Corporation with the intention to promote Japanese traditional culture to as many people as possible.

Our company started off by selling fabric for picture mounts, and through this we realized the importance of the quality of materials used for Nihonga paintings. We now make our best effort to protect and promote Japanese tradition in this specific field, and cooperating with artisans all over the country, deal with high quality hand-made paper (Washi) which is durable for long years. We have also organized many exhibitions and shows, so that more people have a chance to know beautiful and fascinating Japanese traditional culture and gain further understanding of it. 
A strict artisan society lies behind the market of Japanese picture mounts, and it may be hard to understand it in the beginning, but once you step into this world, you would be fascinated with its deep and fascinating culture. Through our effort, I hope to pass on the unique and beautiful aesthetic of the Japanese with its long tradition to the modern society and younger generations.

Norikazu Kishida
Executive Director
SUKIWA Co.,ltd,





SUKIWA Co., ltd.
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167-0042, JAPAN

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Five-minute walk from the JR Chuo Line
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