Creating a place of beautiful encounters

My former job was dealing ‘Kire’ (Japanese fabric) for ‘Hyogu’ (Japanese mounting) in a company that sold Nishijin-ori. During this time, I was inspired by the beautiful textiles and talented craftsmen that I encountered. I founded Sukiwa 20 years ago with the mission of passing over this fascinating world to the next generation.
At Sukiwa, we focus in dealing base material for paintings, such as silk canvas and hand-made washi, consulting the artists who use such material, making mountings, scrolls and folding-screens for the finished art work, and repairing damaged paintings which have been preserved over a long period. In the gallery, we are trying to create a place for various encounters through mainly exhibitions and organizing events such as poem reading and talk events of poets, conversation-style picture viewing sessions, and craft workshops for children.
By exploring the images we captured in the beauty of picture mounts which our predecessors developed, we strive to help create a richer life-style in a modern way.
We hope to create a beautiful place of encounters at all times.